• When and where are the 2024 Saskatchewan Summer Games?
  • How old are the athletes who will be competing in the Games?
    • Each sport sets its own age classification, but typically athletes will range from ages 11-18. View the age classifications for each sport here.
  • How do I participate in the Games as an athlete, coach, or manager?
    • Each Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) manages the qualification and tryout process for its sport in the lead-up to the Games.
      • Athletes will qualify for the Games through a tryout process managed by their sport's PSO. Each sport's tryout schedule will differ slightly, but generally, tryouts will take place across the province throughout April, May, and June of 2024. A list of upcoming sport tryouts and qualifying events can be found here. Check our sport pages for more information on age eligibility and other details.
      • Coaches and managers will be selected by each sport's PSO through an application process. Current opportunities and vacancies are available on the Coaches & Managers page.
      • Details on the selection process can be found in each individual sport's technical package, available here. If you have further questions about the selection process, please contact your sport's Provincial Technical Liaison, whose contact information is included at the bottom of each sport's technical package.
      • Please review the eligibility criteria in your sport's technical package, as well as confirm which District you reside in, to ensure that you attend the correct District tryout event(s). Athletes may only attend the tryout event(s) of one District Team per sport.
  • Where and when will tryouts happen?
    • Most sports have scheduled their athlete tryouts to take place between April and June 2024. A list of upcoming sport tryouts and qualifying events can be found here. Check our sport pages for more information about eligibility criteria.
  • How do I know which District team I try out for?
    • Teams for the Saskatchewan Games are divided into nine Districts. Each District has specific boundaries that are based on RM boundaries. A list of the Districts and more information on their boundaries can be viewed on Page 44 of the Saskatchewan Games Handbook
    • The Athlete Eligibility Policy is available for your review and provides additional details.
    • If you have more questions regarding your District Team, please contact the Saskatchewan Games Council for clarification.
  • Can an athlete participate in more than one sport at the Games?
    • Athletes can compete in two sports if they occur in separate halves of the games. For example, an athlete can compete in Archery the first half and Triathlon the second half. Athletes must try out and qualify for each sport separately. For a breakdown of which sports occur in which half of the Games, check out the sport calendar here. Athletes competing in two sports are only required to pay one athlete fee.
  • Once I've been selected as a participant for the Games, how do I register?
    • The 2024 Saskatchewan Summer Games employs an online registration system called GEMS.pro. Once you are selected, the registration link will be distributed to you by your PSO and/or District Team Chef de Mission. Detailed instructions for how to register are available on our website.
  • What happens if I qualify for two sports taking place during both halves of the Games? Do I register twice?
    • Congratulations! All two-sport athletes must create two registration profiles in the GEMS.pro system, one for each of the sports you will be competing in. You can use the same email to create both registration profiles; when you log in using that email, you will be given a drop-down menu option to select which account you wish to access. Please ensure you include all details on both of your registration profiles (e.g. medical information, allergies, parent/guardian contact information). You are only required to pay one participation fee ($100). See details below about the Athlete Fee.
  • Is there a Saskatchewan Games Code of Conduct?
  • What are the Saskatchewan Games' policies around Safe Sport?
    • The Saskatchewan Games Council is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all participants of the Saskatchewan Games. Please read through our Safe Sport section to learn more.
  • Is there a cost to participate in the Games?
    • Participating in the Saskatchewan Games carries a $100 fee for athletes only (coaches, managers, officials, and volunteers do not pay a fee). This fee is applied to the costs associated with the Games, including your ceremonial walkout uniform, meals during the Games, and transportation to and from Lloydminster. Athletes can pay via credit card/PayPal when registering. If you are unable to pay online or via credit card, please reach out to your District Chef de Mission.
    • Some Provincial Sport Organizations may also require a fee to help cover costs of tryouts, practices and competition uniforms. It is at the PSO's discretion as to whether a separate fee is collected and how much that fee may be.
  • Where will I be staying and eating meals during the Games?
    • All athletes, coaches, and managers will be housed in the Athletes' Village at Lloydminster Comprehensive High School. Breakfast will be served at the Athletes' Village, and lunch and supper will be served at Lakeland College. Grazing items will also be available for participants. Boxed meals will be available for participants who are competing during mealtimes.
  • How do I get to Lloydminster to attend the Games?
    • ​Each participant will receive transportation to and from Lloydminster from a central community within their District via chartered bus. More details about external transportation, including dates, times, and drop-off/pick-up locations, will be distributed to all participants by their District Team once the final roster for each team is named.
  • How will I know my competition schedule?
  • As a participant, what do I need to do before the Games?
    1. ​Read the Participant Handbook.
    2. Share the Participant Handbook with your friends and family as it will help them understand what to expect from the experience.
    3. Coaches and Managers: Review the digital Coach/Manager Guide and attend the optional Coach/Manager Open House webinar on July 9th at 6:00 PM.
    4. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    5. Review saskgames.ca for more Games information, including the Participants section.
    6. Review the technical package for your sport and the Saskatchewan Games Code of Conduct.
    7. Ensure that your online registration is complete prior to the deadline and all accompanying documents have been reviewed, signed, and completed, including:
  • I'm interested in volunteering at the Saskatchewan Games. What can I do and how do I sign up?
  • I'm interested in sponsorship. How can I support the Games?
    • In order to pull off an event of this magnitude and size, sponsors are a huge necessity; without them, the Games would not happen! We are grateful to each and every one of our sponsors for investing in our province's youth and future leaders. Please contact Games Manager Nicole Clow for more information.