Volunteer Job Descriptions

The following is a list of potential volunteer roles at the 2024 Saskatchewan Summer Games. Please note all volunteers require a criminal record check but not all require a vulnerable sector check.


  • Venue

Monitoring access to various venues and locations before and/or during the Games. This may include access control at designated areas, field of play, parking areas, or special events.

  • Village

Monitoring access to and within the Athletes’ Village before and/or during the Games. This is done through checking accreditation tags. This task requires a vulnerable sector check.


  • Athlete Services

Work in areas directly related to athlete experience, such as entertainment, information Centre, etc. Tasks may include answering questions about the athlete’s village, monitoring activities within the various athlete lounges, clean up within the athlete’s village and assisting with reconfiguring of village during turnaround day. This task requires a vulnerable sector check.


  • Ambassadors

Providing hospitable assistance and support services at all games events; assist with preparation at medal presentations at sport competitions. This task requires a vulnerable sector check.

  • Ceremonies and Protocol

Assist in various areas in relation to ceremonies and events, such as set-up/take-down, torch relay, VIP hospitality lounge and decorations.


  • Food Services

Assisting with food preparation, serving, cleaning, or working in athlete’s village. This task requires a vulnerable sector check.


  • Information Technology

Assist in areas of printing accreditation, inputting results, or an IT help desk. Comfort in working with computers is required. This task requires a vulnerable sector check.


  • Logistics

Assisting in the logistical element of the Games such as transportation dispatch, distributing communication equipment, etc.


  • Marketing and Promotions

Assisting in various activities such as selling merchandise, taking admission fees, working at community events, managing social media, and taking photography.

  • Mascots

Wear the designated games mascot costume at games events and functions and/or act as mascot handler. This task requires a vulnerable sector check.


  • Medical Services

Provide front line medical care to all participants and first aid to spectators within the athletes’ village and all venues. Medical skills and training required (see skills section). This task requires a vulnerable sector check.


  • Pre-Games Availability

Willing to volunteer for Games related purposes in the months leading up to Games time. Tasks may include village set-up, gift package assembly, inventory etc.


  • Individual Sports

Assist in a variety of roles in the daily sport competitions such as scorekeeper, linesman, timer, announcer etc. Knowledge of the sport is an asset; however, not a requirement.


  • Venue Set-up/Take-Down

Assist with venue setup and take down. This task may require some lifting for certain positions.