Legacy Fund

"A New Opportunity to Give"

Since 1972, the Saskatchewan Games have successfully provided an important and exciting competitive environment for Saskatchewan athletes. Many of these athletes have gone on to represent our province at the Western Canada and Canada Games, on the Canadian national stage, and beyond.

To build on the success of the Saskatchewan Games, the Saskatchewan Games Council endeavors to ensure the Games will continue for future developing athletes. The purpose of the Saskatchewan Games is to stage a major multi-sport event for a maximum number of participants from the province's nine District sport organizations. The Saskatchewan Games provide a focus for the growth and development of amateur sport at the provincial level. The goals of the Saskatchewan Games include:

  • Participation, awareness and support for amateur sport in Saskatchewan;
  • Providing a competitive sporting event that assists in the development of athletes, coaches and officials;
  • Providing a legacy of new or upgraded equipment and facilities, experienced officials and volunteers in each host community;
  • To encourage district/provincial spirit and pride.

The Saskatchewan Games Fund will ensure that the Saskatchewan Games continue to provide a competitive multi-sport environment from which future Canada Games and Olympic Games athletes are nurtured.

The Saskatchewan Games compliment the Western Canada Summer Games as well as the Canada Summer and Winter Games by providing athletes with their first ‘games' experience. At both the Western Canada and Canada Games, Team Saskatchewan represents the entire province. Athletes are chosen from within their provincial sport organization and are lead by coaches, managers and mission staff, all of whom together with the athletes comprise Team Saskatchewan.

Like the Saskatchewan Games, the Western Canada and Canada Games provide a competitive environment but at a higher level of competitiveness. The experience of these Games often sets the stage for those aspiring to national championships and beyond. Team Saskatchewan is proud to have alumni such as Mark McMorris (Snowboarding); Brianne Thiesen-Eaton (Athletics); and Catriona Le May Doan (Speed Skating), all of whom have represented Canada at the Olympic Games.

The Team Saskatchewan Fund will ensure that Team Saskatchewan will continue to represent the Province of Saskatchewan on the Canadian multi-sport games stage. The Team Saskatchewan Fund together with the Saskatchewan Games Council will provide Saskatchewan athletes with the support they will need to reach and succeed at the Western Canada and Canada Games.

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