Sask Winter Games Torch Parade and Relay Announced
Feb 8, 2018

Photo credit: Nathan Kanter/BattlefordsNOW staff

For the first time in its history, the Saskatchewan Winter Games will have a two-part torch relay celebration, as announced at Connaught School on Wednesday, Feb. 7 during a school-wide assembly.

There will be a torch parade featuring 30 youth from the Battlefords community on Feb. 15, and then on Feb. 18 there will be a SaskEnergy torch relay with Winter Games alumni Jill Martin, Siobhan Gormley, and Bill Samborski.

The 15 schools in the area have each chosen two representatives they felt reflected the spirit and energy of the games to take part in the parade, making up the 30 youth who will participate beginning 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 15 at the Civic Centre.

"All the schools are going to line up along the parade route and cheer on their school [representatives] and everybody else and bring that spirit to the games," Jay Nichol, chair of the torch relay organizing committee and principal at Connaught School, said at the assembly. "We're lucky we get to participate in the parade."

The route for the parade will take it along 18th Ave. from the Civic Centre to 100th St. and then south on 13th Ave., where it will continue to City Hall.

As for the torch relay, the three Winter Games alumni will act as torchbearers on Feb. 18, the opening day of ceremonies, beginning at 6 p.m. at City Hall. The torch will make its journey along 13th Ave. to 104th St., and then head north to the Civic Centre, where it will be used to light the cauldron to officially open the games.

Although a SaskEnergy representative was not able to make the official announcement, Winter Games consultant Lorne Lasuita was there to speak on their behalf.

"The torch and flame are not just symbols of the Winter Games themselves, it's a symbol of the enduring qualities of the people of Saskatchewan," Lasuita said. "The fire within the Saskatchewan Winter Games torch brings us all together as a community, like many tiny embers burning together brightly as one great flame. As torch relay participants, you have a very special role in highlighting the flame and its significance. Embrace the opportunity and enjoy the experience."

"Remember, this flame doesn't go out once the games are over," he added. "Rather, the flame continues to burn strong in the hearts of the athletes, volunteers, and everyone who has somehow been touched by the spirit of the games."

The 30 youth that will participate are as follows: Eve Tucker and Randen Kramer from Battleford Central; Stephanie Jackson and Caleb Hoiseth from Bready School; Talia Thunderchild and Jazz Roan from Connaught; Makenzie Gidych and Joshua Pyle from Ecole Monseigneur Blaise Morand; Allesha Kennedy and Caleb Guenther from Heritage Christian; Kayla Schulkowsky and  Raniel Acaya from Holy Family School; Courtney Johnson and Vladimir Pristojko from John Paul II; Shanielle Tabacco-Juice and Labron Weenie-Waskahat from Lawrence; Mekdes Jensen and Jayden Larose from McKitrick; Camrynn Simon and Eric Petersen from NBCHS; Jelena Popovic and Danijel Ramac from Notre Dame; Mia Georget and Louis Prince from Ecole Pere Mercure; Tahira Moccasin and Marshall Wuttunee from Sakewew; Roberta Iron and Justin Tootoosis from St. Mary; Grace Gentes and Noah Puetz from St. Vital.

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