North Battleford to Host the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games
Feb 18, 2016

Saskatchewan Games Council Chairperson, Julie Brandt, officially announced the City of North Battleford as the host community for the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games.

“The Saskatchewan Games Council views North Battleford as an ideal community to host the Saskatchewan Winter Games,” Brandt said. “With the enthusiasm and passion shown by the community along with the excellent venues, we are confident North Battleford will create a memorable multi-sport games experience for all involved”.

 As the host of the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games, the community of North Battleford can expect to gain a legacy of upgraded facilities, equipment, experienced officials and a core group of volunteers, as well as see a significant economic and tourism benefit.

North Battleford was host to the first Saskatchewan Winter Games in 1974 and last hosted a Saskatchewan Games in the summer of 1984. “Congratulations to the City of North Battleford on their successful bid to host the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games,” Battlefords MLA Herb Cox said. “It will have been 34 years since North Battleford last hosted the Saskatchewan Games so this will be an exciting event for our city, and these young athletes.”

Not only do the Saskatchewan Games provide developing athletes with the thrill and excitement of a multi-sport games, they also work to encourage young athletes to pursue more competitive levels of sport like the Canada Games and beyond. The athletes are also encouraged by those who have gone before them. “Accomplished athletes such as Olympians Lucas Makowsky and Colleen Sostorics, Saskatchewan Games alumni, inspire these kids to dream big and to strive for excellence in sport and in life,” said Lorne Lasuita, Provincial Games Consultant for the Saskatchewan Games Council.

The Games, tentatively scheduled for February 2018, will involve over 2,000 athletes, coaches and managers in 17 sports representing the nine sport districts within the province.  North Battleford will require up to 1500 volunteers to host these multi-sport games.  Sports included on the sport calendar for the 2018 Saskatchewan Games include: alpine skiing, badminton, biathlon, bowling, bowling – special Olympics, cross country skiing, curling, figure skating, gymnastics, hockey, judo, snowboarding, speed skating, synchronized swimming, table tennis, target shooting, weightlifting, and wrestling.

The Saskatchewan Games Council is excited, that for the first time ever, one para-sport discipline will be incorporated into the Saskatchewan Winter Games.

The purpose of the Saskatchewan Games is to provide an opportunity for the province’s developing athletes, coaches and officials to participate in a multi-sport event in preparation for the higher level of competition.




For more information, please contact Lorne Lasuita, Provincial Games Consultant at:

(306) 780-9246 or