Board of Directors

The Saskatchewan Games Council is goverened by an experienced and knowledgable Board of Directors from across the province. The Board consists of 7 Directors at Large & 3 member representatives.  Our voting members represent the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association, and Sask Sport Inc. 

Below is the Board of Directors for the 2016/2017 year!

Julie Brandt


Larry Sauer

Past Chairperson

Louise Ashcroft

Director at Large

Mike Hudey

Director at Large

Judy MacLeod-Campbell

Director at Large

Chantelle Patrick

Director at Large

Dale Pirtura

Director at Large

Darin Banadyga

Member - Ministry of Parks, Culture and Recreation

Lyle McKellar

Member - Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association

Audra Young

Member - Sask Sport Inc.

Greg Perreaux

Liaison - Sask Sport Inc.