United in Sport Challenge

The United in Sport challenge is designed to encourage Saskatchewan residents to be active in a fun and safe way to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Games.

We are challenging Saskatchewan residents to try as many activities as possible while challenging others via social media to compete and be active across the province.

Our province offers a wide range of great sports and activities that we can participate in—let’s show off all the active experiences that Saskatchewan has to offer! 

How to participate in the challenge:

If you are challenged by someone, or want to start a challenge—show it! Take a video or photo of yourself participating in a safe sport or activity in your community, post it to your social media channels using the hashtags #UnitedInSport & #SWG2023 and tag the organizations or people who you want to challenge to show off how they are staying active.

Who can participate in the challenge:

This is a call out to everyone in Saskatchewan to get active! Individuals, sport groups, classrooms, community groups, teams, families—uniting us all and reminding us that it’s time to get in the spirit of the 2023 Saskatchewan Winter Games!