Coaches & Managers


Each Provincial Sport Governing Body (PSGB) is responsible for the recruitment and selection of coaches, managers, and technical staff for each District Team at the Saskatchewan Games. For many sports, coach/manager recruitment takes place through an application process. See below for links to open coach/manager applications. If you do not see any information listed below next to your sport of interest, contact your PSO directly to learn more about how you can become involved.

  • Alpine Skiing: Contact Alana Ottenbreit via email or phone at 306-780-9236.
  • Artistic Swimming: Contact Taya Amundson via email or phone at 306-780-9227.
  • Badminton: Contact Frank Gaudet via email or phone at 306-780-9368. 
  • Biathlon: Contact Doug Sylvester via email or phone at 306-445-6887.
  • Bowling - Special Olympics: Contact Ben Lozinsky via email or phone at 306-780-9423.
  • Cross Country Skiing: Contact Alana Ottenbreit via email or phone at 306-780-9236.
  • Para Nordic Skiing: Contact Alana Ottenbreit via email or phone at 306-780-9236.
  • Curling: Contact Pat Simmons via email or phone at 306-980-9205 ext 5.
  • Figure Skating: Contact Danielle Shaw via email or phone 306-780-9245.
  • Futsal: Contact Markus Reinkens via email or phone at 306-519-0824.
  • Gymnastics: Contact Kristi Mandzuk via email or phone at 306-780-9229.
  • Judo: Contact T.V. Taylor via email or phone at 306-260-5878.
  • Snowboarding: Contact Jen Dreger via email.
  • Speed Skating: Contact Tim Comfort via email or phone at 306-221-2971.
  • Table Tennis: Contact Table Tennis Saskatchewan via email.
  • Target Shooting: Contact Michelle Stewart via email or phone at 306-940-7836.
  • Weightlifting: Contact Ken Trofimuk via email or phone at 306-922-2989.
  • Wrestling: Contact Linda Coe-Kirkham via email or phone at 306-975-0822.