Athlete Eligibility

Though age classifications vary by sport, athlete elifibility will fall between the ages of 11-18 at the Saskatchewan Games. Certain sports have allowed athletes who were selected for the 2022 Games, eligible to compete. Please find out more information on your specific sport's page to view the technical package and see if you're eligible to participate based on your age.

Athlete Try-Outs

Athletes qualify to participate in the Saskatchewan Games through a try-out process. Try-out events are often called District Playdowns, and each sport's process varies as to how their team selections operate. Dates, locations, and more details about District Playdowns will be included on this page as more information is made available, so keep checking back to see when and where you can try out for your sport! 

  • Alpine Skiing: TBA
  • Artistic Swimming: Completed.
  • Badminton: TBA
  • Biathlon: December 3-4, 2022. More information here.
  • Bowling - Special Olympics: Completed: The District qualifying persiod was October 22, 2021 to November 22, 2021. Final team selections were made in December 2021. The team selections from December 2021 will be used for the 2023 SWG. In the case an individual declines their selection for the 2023 SWG, they will be replaced by someone that attended the qualifier during the 2021 qualifying period. 
  • Cross Country and Para Nordic Skiing: TBA
  • Curling:
  • Figure Skating: December 9-11, 2022. More information here
  • Futsal: TBA
  • Gymnastics: Nov 12, 2022 in Regina. More information here 
  • Judo: January; More information here
  • Snowboarding: TBA
  • Speed Skating: December, TBA
  • Table Tennis: TBA
  • Target Shooting: TBA
  • Weightlifting: October 22, 2022. 
  • Wrestling: December and January, TBA