Games Participants

If you have been selected or are interested in becoming involved in the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games, read below for more information.


The 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games will showcase the talents of approximately 1,800 of the province's top young athletes, competing for nine Districts in 17 different sports. More information on the athlete selection process of each sport can be found in the individual Sport Technical Packages available here.

Those interested in trying out for the Saskatchewan Games are encouraged to visit the Provincial Sport Governing Body's (PSGB) website and/or the respective District's website for more information on try-out dates. Each District's list of try-out dates is linked here.

Coaches & Managers

If you are interested in being a coach or manager at the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games, you will have to contact the Provincial Sport Governing Body (PSGB) responsible for your sport of interest. Each PSGB is responsible for naming the coaches for each District team. For more information on the level of certification required to coach, review the technical package for your sport available here

If you have questions or would like to reach out to your PSGB, contact the Provincial Technical Liason or their website listed here.

Mission Staff

Mission Staff are an integral component of each District Team. They are a group of volunteers who are responsible for the effective management, operation, administration, and supervision of their District Team prior to and during the Games.

For more information on what a Mission Staff does or how to get involved, contact your respective District Team coordinator.


Nearly 170 major officials will be required throughout the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games to officiate the 17 sports taking place.  Assisting them will be approximately 200 minor officials. To learn the difference between a minor and major official and for a list of which official's certifications are required, review the individual Sport Technical Packages which can be found here.

If you are interested in becoming an Official or to learn more about the requirements, contact your sport's Provincial Technical Liason.