Southern Plains Co-op to provide the Fuel to Energize the Estevan 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games
Apr 28, 2016

April 28, 2016 (Estevan, SK) – A major partnership was announced today between the Estevan 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games Committee and the Southern Plains Co-op that will add a lot of fuel to energizing the Games.  

At today’s announcement, Kelly McConnell, Co-Chair, Friends of the Games Committee, welcomed the Southern Plains Co-op, as a major partner of the Estevan 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games. “The Southern Plains Co-op has always been a committed leader in our community.  We were very pleased they approached us early in the planning stages to see where they could help us out. They saw the potential to make an impact on our community by assisting with this event. The agreement between Southern Plains and the Games will add a lot of energy to the Games.  Not only will they be providing at a significant discount all of the food that will help the athletes energize their bodies for competition, the Co-op will also be providing the fuel for the vehicles that will transport our athletes to their competition venues.  With this significant financial contribution, the Board of Directors is pleased to recognize the Southern Plains Co-op as the official food and fuel supplier of the Estevan 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games. Their contributions will place them at the highest level of the sponsorship packages, along-side our other valued Diamond sponsors.”  

“When the Board of Directors of the Southern Plains Co-op heard that the 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games were coming to Estevan, they immediately started discussions on how our organization could become involved”, said Robert Grimsrud, President of Southern Plains Co-op Board of Directors. “As a cooperative, it is our value to create a community in which people want to live and want to call their home.  Promoting a healthy lifestyle, investing in sport infrastructure, and promoting the spirit of volunteerism are shared values between the Board of the Games and the Board of Southern Plains.  We knew it would be a right fit for our partnership dollars.  We are confident that Southern Plains will be able to provide high quality, healthy foods to assist the athletes be at their very best during their competition.  Not only will our food will be a source of the athlete’s fuel; we will be providing the actual fuel for the transportation to their sport venues. We are very proud to play such a significant role and directly impact the athletes of the Games”

The announcement of the sponsorship took place at Southern Plains Co-op.  Brian Senchuk, Co-Chair of the Saskatchewan Summer Games comments, “Although we made our partnership with Southern Plains official today, we have been working with them in a variety of ways over the past year.  For the past year, Games merchandise has been on sale in their grocery and convenience stores and they have hosted fundraising barbeques in our name.  We will continue with various activities such as these in the months to come.”

As well as providing financial support, the Southern Plains co-op partnership outlines logistical and manpower support as well.  The cooperative will be involved by providing the usage of ovens for food preparation and refrigeration of food products as well as supply of experienced manpower assistance to feed the 1,800 athletes as well as over 200 coaches, managers, and mission staff over the course of the seven days of the Games.