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At the 2016 Summer Games the priority is to put the Athlete first.  It is essential when registering online that all information that is submitted is accurate and complete. This will allow the accreditation process to go as quickly and accurately as possible and assist the host in identifying any special medical or dietary needs throughout the games.  

Upon arrival, athletes will be directed to the entrance of the school where they will be welcomed and given accreditation tags. They will then be moved to a lecture theatre where they will receive additional information including a participant’s handbook and a guided tour of the facility before being shown to their assigned rooms. 





Upon registration, all athletes must agree to the information provided in the below two forms. If an athlete is under the age of 18, the forms must be printed off and signed in ink by the athlete as well as his/her Parent/Guardian and either provided to your Coach/Manager in original hard copy or emailed as a scanned copy of the original.  Faxed copies are not recommended as they can be illegible. If the athlete is 18 or older, they only need to select YES in the consent section on the online registration form.