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The Estevan Comprehensive School will be the headquarters for the 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games.  

Located in the northeast corner of Estevan at 255 Spruce Drive, ECS features many classrooms, labs, technology labs and shops over 4 separate floors.  In addition to this ECS has many additional features including a large gymnasium (which will host volleyball and basketball), a large kitchen and cafetorioum (combined cafeteria and auditorium).  

ECS will be the 2016 Summer Games Headquarters and will house the following.

  • Accommodations for all male and female participants
  • A Food Services Centre where meals will be prepared and served
  • Three co-ed entertainment centres
  • Two computer labs, one for male and the other for female participants
  • District Missions Centre
  • District/Team Meeting Rooms
  • Coaches Lounge
  • An area for Village Medical Services
  • Results Centre
  • Nine Storage Sheds, one for each District
  • Access Control (security) Headquarters
  • Registration and Orientation Centre
  • Transportation Dispatch Headquarters
  • Village Mayor’s Office
  • Lost and Found
  • Information
  • Post Office
  • Merchandise Sales

Athletes Village, Dormitory and Accommodations

The athletes will be housed in a selection of classrooms.  The female and male dormitories will be housed in two separate wings of the school, and security will be sufficient to prevent males and females from entering rooms that are off-limits to them.  Athletes will have ample opportunity to congregate and mingle in the three co-ed entertainment areas and in common areas.  

Access Control Headquarters

The safety of the athletes is of paramount importance. One room in the central office area of the school will be used as a headquarters for security. Security will be 24 hours a day and volunteers will be well trained, will wear uniforms that make them identifiable and will work in shifts of not more than 8 hours in length. There will be both female and male security personnel available at all times. Security will be present both inside as well as outside of the school. Storage sheds as well as all entry points into the school will be closely monitored. 

Toilet and Shower Facilities

ECS Hosts a combination of ten washroom facilities (four male, and four female) In addition to this, separate male and female washroom and shower facilities are housed in the gymnasium area.  The facilities in the gymnasium have 16 showers, with a change room, locker room and washroom attached. Additional trailers will be rented for both washrooms and shower facilities and located on the north west side of the school. Security will be present to ensure that these facilities are kept safe for the athletes.


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