50th Anniversary


2022 is a monumental year for the Saskatchewan Games – 50 years!


For 50 years the Saskatchewan Games have provided an opportunity for the province’s developing athletes, coaches and officials to participate in a multi-sport event in preparation for a higher level of competition. The games have fostered community spirit and pride, played a significant role in developing volunteerism and contributed to sport facilities and equipment in 14 communities across our province.


Please follow along as we implement exciting 50th anniversary celebrations throughout 2022! 


50 Days of Inspiration

Launching January 1, 2022: the 50 Days of Inspiration celebration began! This celebration highlights 50 instrumental Saskatchewan sport influencers who helped shape the Games as we enjoy them today!


Follow along everyday as we introduce a new Saskatchewan sport leader!


More Information

For more information about the history of the Saskatchewan Games, visit these links: 


Here’s to 50 more years!