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The polyclinic (central medical clinic) will open early in the morning and close at curfew each day and will serve as the central treatment area for athletes, coaches, and volunteer staff. There will be an on-call system during closed hours. It will be located in the Athlete’s Village in the drama room on the main floor and will be easily accessible by Games transportation with parking facilities for both emergency vehicles and medical personnel on the north side of the school.  The entire clinic will be accessible by wheelchair and stretcher with parking facilities and an ambulance entrance nearby.  The clinic will also be accessible for the movement of large equipment items such as ice freezers, refrigerators, and supply crates into it. 

A reception area will be located at the entrance to the clinic to control all medical traffic into the clinic.  The medical examining and treatment area will have a minimum of six beds, which can be cordoned off by curtains when necessary.  The physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment and pre-event taping area will contain a minimum of six treatment table with three that are adjustable in height.  Communication between various members of the medical team will be facilitated by the physical layout of the clinic.

The medical clinic will be staffed by physicians, nurses, physical therapists, certified athletic therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, medical office assistants, receptionists, and aids/volunteers as available.  Courtesy drivers will be based out of the clinic and will be responsible for the transport of participants with injuries of a minor nature and supplies to and from the clinic.  Staffing of the clinic will be dependent on the time of day.

All athletes will complete the medical section on their online registration form prior to the Games. This information needs to be as accurate and complete as possible in order to ensure the best medical care for you throughout the games.  This information is confidential and will only be used by the host, medical staff and District mission staff when required. 

Depending on the sport, the following medical personnel are required according to the information provided by the Saskatchewan Games Council and the Provincial Sport Governing Bodies:

Achery               First aiders    First aid station on-site
AthleticsFirst aiders, physiotherapyFirst aid station on-site
BaseballFirst aiders First aid station on-site
BasketballAthletic therapist 
Canoe/kayakFirst aiders, 2 lifeguardsRescue boat(s) on site
EquestrianEMT, ST. John's Ambulance
Veterinarian on call
Farrier on call
Ambulance on site
GolfNo medical personal on siteAthletes to utilize the polyclinic as required
SoccerFirst response team, physiotherapistsFirst aid station on-site
Softball    First aiders    First aid station on-site
SwimmingFirst aiders, lifeguards 
TennisFirst aiderAthletes to utilize the polyclinic as required
TriathlonFirst aiders, first response team, lifeguardsAmbulance on-site
VolleyballAthletic therapistTriage area on-site



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