Joe Griffith results

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The Joe Griffith explained...

The Joe Griffith trophy is all about overall district improvement. District teams looking to win the trophy need to have the highest percentage of improvement when their total district team Flag Points are compared with their previous Games statistics. This is kind of complicated so check out the example below for further explanation.


Let’s take a look at how the imaginary District 99 won the Joe Griffith Trophy in 1998. In 1994 District 99 came in 9th place with the least amount of Flag Points at the Saskatchewan Summer Games. Then four years later District 99 came in 3rd place with the 3rd most Flag points at the Saskatchewan Summer Games. So District 99’s final Flag Point standing in 1998 improved by 33 percent when compared with their previous final Flag Point standing in 1994. Now 33 percent may not seem like a lot but it doesn’t have to be. The reason District 99 won the Joe Griffiths Trophy is because their 33 percent improvement was higher than all the other districts percentage of improvement.

Don’t forget, the comparison between finial standing points is made on a winter-to-winter and summer-to-summer basis. The cool thing about the scoring system is that it’s designed so that the district team with the most athletes participating in and doing well at a games, is usually the team that wins the trophy.

The Saskatchewan Games Council thinks this trophy is pretty great because they really want to see every district have as many athletes as the rules allow participation in every sport at a games.